From coil to assembly-ready components

Small-series products are manufactured in the hpc stamping press. For this purpose, our extensive range of machinery (including punching machines from 15 to 880 tons) is available.

Parts are stamped on conventional stamping presses with semi-precision cutting tools that have a smooth cut of up to 100%. When using conventional progressive dies, parts with partial flush cuts are also stamped on the same stamping presses. In this process, the fulfilment of the technical as well as the commercial requirements of our customers are in the foreground when choosing the type of tool.

By working closely with our own tool shop, customer requirements can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Additional information:

  • Complete cutting tools and progressive dies up to 3 metres long
  • Semi-precision cutting on crank and differential travel presses
  • Precision cutting presses up to 800 t
  • Precision cutting up to a thickness of 12 mm
  • Precision cutting press with 4 forces and servo-clearing
  • Transfer press 500 t
  • Transfer tools
  • Eccentric presses from 15 t to 200 t
  • Hydraulic presses from 100 t to 315 t